Who will win the battle for the legacy?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Who will win the battle for the legacy?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineFour kings and a Queen: who will win the battle for the inheritance...Four kings and a Queen: who will win the battle for the inheritance Yatsenyuk?Litwin selects between the government and the oppositionThe winner spikeriade will decide the fate of Tymoshenko's governmentChief parliamentary intrigue – speakered is not resolved before Tuesday, November 18. Deputies, removing Arseniy Yatsenyuk, left on a five-day negotiations. Sources of the Internet newspaper"NOW" argue that parliamentary timeout due to lack of agreements with the President on the nomination of the speaker. In the best case, the name of the new Chairman will call on the weekends, in the worst case the Parliament will be "beheaded" for a long time.The best chance to take the chair of the speaker of Parliament have the "four kings": Volodymyr Lytvyn, our Ukraine Ivan Plyushch, the party of regions Oleksandr Lavrynovych and Communist Adam Martynyuk. The winner of this race will decide the fate of Yulia Tymoshenko's government, the new coalition and parliamentary elections.Political scientists of the palm in spikeriada give Litvin. "He has his own faction in the Parliament and he puts on this post, as the Party of Regions and BYUT," - said the Internet newspaper"NOW" Director of the International Institute of democracies Serhiy Taran. The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law on the election of Vladimir Mikhailovich Chairman (writer - our Ukraine Oleksandr Omelchenko).Immediately after the resignation of Yatsenyuk BYUT began to "handle" Litvin. At an emergency briefing Tymoshenko said she was ready to create a coalition of "three" and to form a new government. Thursday, November 13, the Deputy Chairman of the BYUT faction Andriy Portnov hinted: "We, probably, will support Vladimir Litvin to the post of speaker, as we plan to sign a coalition agreement, in particular, and with his unit".Yatsenyuk's resignation inspired BYT the creation of a new "demolitio", experts say. Byt I hope to return WELL-nanosecond without "the Uniform center" in the coalition, citing the fact that the Union with the Party of regions will ruin their ratings. In addition, the newly minted speaker Lytvyn will lose interest in early elections.In parallel to "hunt" Litvin began Viktor Yanukovych. In the camp of "white-blue" see the new tandem: Litvin, speaker, Yanukovych Prime Minister and the EC receives the position of smaller rank.Despite the warnings that the hike in power in the conditions of financial crisis is fraught with risks, the POR have a different opinion. PR leader repeatedly recognized that in opposition he is uncomfortable. Yes and participate in a sharing of the IMF loan "it is white-blue" not against.SteeplechaseDespite the advantages Litvin, author of numerous "gems" Ivan Plyushch to dismiss early. "Ivy has a big advantage. Becoming a speaker, it will be clearly display the existence of a noncooperative Parliament. But with the appointment of Lytvyn there is a large set of problems: you will need to negotiate a new majority, the new government and the fate of early election in Parliament. For today's Parliament is difficult," says Taran."Ivan Plusch - Pol-a loner who managed during the parliamentary crisis of the past years to join the Parliament, when it was not clear where the "left and right", was also a parliamentary confusion. Therefore, I have no doubt that the Ivy will be able to withdraw and the current Parliament from the crisis," he advertised his co-partisan Lilia Grigorovich.At the hand of Ivy plays arithmetic: without votes "United center" Party of regions, CPU and Lytvyn Bloc will not be able to hold its speaker."We've got 222 votes. One of the deputies will join us - time will tell", - said Yanukovych, knowing that to agree with the President's "bayonets" have.The last word on this issue for the President, said the adviser of the head JV Vadim Karasev, subtly hinting that the new Chairman of BP can be Litvin.Less of a chance to the chair of the speaker have Lavrynovych and Martynyuk. "Regionals was quite happy that they have their man as the first Deputy speaker. Martynyuk cannot compete with Lytvyn as a compromise candidate," says Taran.Plan "B".

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