What property is ideal for those seeking peace?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

What property is ideal for those seeking peace?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineNow the details. Few people know that...Real estate Monaco is ideal for those seeking peaceLuxembourg is located in the heart of Europe between Belgium, France and Germany. Most are in Luxembourg in passing as part of a tour on the countries of the region.The town centre, the Duke's Palace, Casemates, a trip to the cabins along the valley Petrussee are the main elements of the programme. All this gives the impression of a nice provincial town, in which to do nothing special. Perhaps that is why Luxembourg is not yet very popular among tourists and property buyers. Yes and Luxembourgers there is no point to further "promote" your country is not encouraged.It is important to knowNevertheless, it is worth noting that Luxembourg is a gate in the EU and the Schengen area. By the way, the town of Schengen is located in Luxembourg.Now the details. Few people know that:Luxembourg ranks first in the world in GNP per capita and fourth in the world in terms of lifeLuxembourg is located in the heart of Western Europe. From quick access to locations such as Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, nice, ZurichLuxembourg is one of the most international places in Europe. In the course of English, French and German. To foreigners, of which there are nearly half are very friendlyTaxes in Luxembourg are among the lowest in Europe. Virtually no property tax on real estateLuxembourg law guarantees full confidentiality of data about the owners of local companies and Bank accountsThe average growth of prices per square meter in the last ten years is about 9% per year. In 2008, the average price of a meter is about ?4 700, which is much less than in other more popular places with a similar standard of livingEmbassy of Luxembourg in Moscow one of the most "light" in the EU and the Schengen zone in terms of getting visaFinally, Luxembourg is an extremely picturesque, cozy place, with a highly developed level of service and comfort.To truly experience all the advantages of Luxembourg, here you need to live. In this case it is useless to look for the most interesting places, as they can't advertise. The country is small, everyone knows everyone, and the main news is sent via "word of mouth". The only way to get in is to chat with someone local.Luxembourg is a country not for everyone. It is not suitable lovers noisy city. Here will not appreciate the night singing "Oh, frost, frost...". Luxembourg is a place for wealthy people who value quality in everything that surrounds them, tired of city life and bored by nature, but not wanting to abandon the benefits of civilization. Luxembourg is a courtesy of others and respect your privacy, endless forest trails for Hiking and Biking, great restaurants, antique locks, no crowds, always available tennis courts and Golf courses, excellent wine and cheese, always fresh pastries for Breakfast. Luxembourg is a country for aesthetes and connoisseurs who know a lot about life.Interesting LuxembourgLittle Switzerland (Petite Suisse)This stunning beauty of the mountainous area is located Northwest of the town of Echternach (Echternach). Nearby are the ruins of the Chateau de Beaufort castle (Chateau de Beaufort).Thermal springs in MondorfThis is a huge complex Wellness & SPA with full appropriate range of services. The main "trick" – an outdoor pool with warm water. In the right side of the basin from the wall at different levels affect the water jet. Visitors move along the ledge to the healing water massaging the whole body.Golf clubsIn Luxembourg there are several Golf clubs. They are all top class and very inexpensive. Here are some of them: Golf Club Grand Ducal, Kikuoka Country Club.Sauna club PidalA Paradise for lovers of the sweat bath. Here you will find seven different saunas, three of which with an open fire. The complex also has a 25 metre swimming pool and a gym. Like most saunas in Western Europe, the joint school, the men and women bathing together without swimwear. For particularly shy ladies Thursday – "ladies day".Wine road (route du vin)It is a picturesque road along the Moselle river from Remich (Remich) to Grevenmacher (Grevenmacher). Vineyards, wineries and cellars with tasting, cozy restaurants. A must – feeding the swans in Remich, so bring some bread.Restaurants LuxembourgTo eat well is one of the favorite pastimes of the Luxembourgers. Quality restaurants are many and they are all full of people. Besides, the motto of the national cuisine of Luxembourg is: French quality in German quantities. But local dishes no one is limited, and everyone can find something to his taste. It is best to look for places off the tourist trail. They focus on local and not have a "margin for error". Once disillusioned with the luxembourger will not come back in the next ten years but still tell all your friends. So you can be sure that cozy little towns will taste truly delicious.HikingLuxembourg is the ideal place for lovers of Hiking or Cycling. The whole country is criss-crossed by narrow lanes: forest, mountain and along the rivers. Unreal beauty lies in wait for you here. By the way, these paths are composed of hundreds of tourist walking routes of various lengths and levels of difficulty. They are all marked with special signs and with stunning accuracy marked on maps-guidebooks, which are sold in local bookstores.Clubs and barsNightlife in Monaco is not as active as in any metropolis, but a couple dozen very fashionable clubs and bars still typed. For example, VIP and White, located in the city center. And next to the Palace of the Duke bar Urbans, which is very popular among immigrants.Historical placesThose who love to discover the secrets of antiquity, interested in Roman ruins, literally "scattered" across the country (for example, an ancient water system in Walferdange breakneck wells), various museums and galleries in the city, old mansions and castles. Also, they just want to stroll through the narrow streets of the Old town. Because Luxembourg is more than a thousand years, and its residents cherish their historical values. You can visit the neighboring cities in Germany (Trier, the oldest city in Germany) and France (Metz and Nancy).Real Estate LuxembourgThe Luxembourg real estate market is one of the most conservative in Europe.

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