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ENTERTAIN DANGEROUS!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineHere and half the summer has gone. And we barely even noticed how it happened. Someone leave behind for someone else...Here and half the summer has gone. And we barely even noticed how it happened. Someone leave behind, someone else is expected. Where are the resident to relax in the city? Of course, in the parks. Fortunately, parks abound in Lviv – already 23! Two of them – the Park of culture and rest named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the regional landscape Park "Senna on the financing of the state budget. And all the others in the city office.Money is only enough for cleaningLviv parks are different and unique. Central parks, Stryj or Park named after Ivan Franko (Kosciuszko), considered a favorite among the citizens. People come here specially to wander the alleys, sit on the benches, to give children the opportunity to play on the Playground. Parks in parts of the city mostly used by citizens over the weekend to barbecue and entertain more relaxed.But all of our parks and untidy. According to the Director of the Lviv municipal enterprise "Green lions" Igor Babiy, 1718 last years parks almost not funded. In addition, there was not a unified program of development of city parks. Respectively, and they are not turned into places of cultural activities, and in something like the wild forest.– Only this year on the maintenance of parks has allocated 2 million 900 thousand UAH. But if this amount is divided proportionally to the number of all the parks, then at 12 months and subtract taxes, you get no so much. Enough for cleaning and mowing, – says Igor Babiy.Showscom forest – 25 UAH per monthHowever, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", despite the fact that summer is in full swing, only recently started some work on the repair tracks, lighting, installation of new benches, garden sofas and bins. The capital construction Department of Lviv city Council coming to sign the contract with contractors to perform work. But not everyone was lucky parks. The work will be held in the Park named after Ivan Franko, in Stryiskyi Park, and Lychakiv Park "Iron Water" in the center. Two of the Park waiting to sign the contract. But all the rest can wait. How many will have to wait is unknown. For as long as they only developed the design budget documentation.This year the street will update on 400 thousand hryvnias. According to Igor Babiy – this is very little. Since one square meter of the track "worth" 100150 hryvnia, one green couch – 4 thousand UAH, one bench – up to a thousand UAH.At the same time, when compared with the amount allocated for the content Shihovskogo Park, parks in the centre still got a lot. According to Igor Babiy, per hectare Park in the Street (and all its area of over 90 hectares) goes up to 25 USD per month! For that money you once a month to collect garbage. But taking it out does not work – the money ran out.It turns out that in the city Council with peace of mind, you can tick that the Park is funded. And the fact that these penny almost nothing to equip their mobile devices.The trees are getting old tooSpecialists from time to time raise questions about the horrible state of our parks. However, how bad it showed the recent storm. Several thousand trees were uprooted or broken.– This was to be expected, because our parks have not been rejuvenated, " says Igor Babiy.It turns out ways of rejuvenating the trees in the Park there are two regular pruning and shaping of the crown, plus cutting down old trees and planting of young plants. However, we did not do either. Yes and will be done is unknown.Now, as it turned out, in the whole Western Ukraine there is no plantation of trees. The one that I trust the green economy (formerly known as LCP Green Lviv) long ago fell into disrepair. Because of the fact that in the city budget does not find financing for growing and transplanting new trees, the ones grown at the nursery, I had to cut down. Well, new is not planted because nobody bought.To revive this area, in addition to the money, you also need time for at least ten years. In fact, the tree in one year will not grow. So now in all city parks are growing old trees. And although the Director of the LPC "Green lions" argues that damaged trees are constantly cut off, but nobody can be sure, walking in the Park that his head will not fall off the branch. We all remember the case a year ago when in one of Central Park right on the Playground fell a half-tree. Fortunately, the children escaped with only a fright Yes minor injuries.People, you're not even animals...Another big problem parks are ...people. The very people for whom these parks exist. For some reason, they don't think parks should be protected, on the contrary, litter, bonfires. And no Council.According to estimates Igor Babiy, only from the Stryiskyi Park on the day of garbage to take out a car. And the rest is just not possible every day clean.Everyone knows that in the parks you can't drive the car. But "impossible" is for others. And for us, – says anyone who travels to the Park your car. And although it's "impossible" notify special characters, still go. Moreover, for violation the penalty as much as 17 USD. To impose his militia.

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