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FAREWELL DISCOUNTS... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineSupermarket chains refuse this...Goodbye card discountsSupermarket chains refuse this familiar system. The official reason is the card is not in use. Informal – they are unprofitable stores.Last week at No. 165 dated July 23, "the Newspaper..." wrote about the fact that the network is "Our land" ceased to accept discount cards. However, it turned out that market on Frunze started arbitrariness, without coordination with Central office, but the trend has been bad. This was also confirmed by our readers.– In "Silpo" on the Growers actually canceled the card with a discount of 3 and 4%. So it was convenient, buy for 20 USD card, and get a significant discount. And now came up with some sort of savings "own account" instead of "interest" cards discounts – complained callers to the editor Anastasia Shogun. – In "Caravan", "the Great Kichen" still have cards, but there's less discount of 1-2%.Hope for the return of discount cards is not worth it.– Now customers no longer pay attention to discounts when choosing a shop, "explains the head of the Department of relationships with customers of the group of companies Fozzy Group" (which includes the Silpo, fora, Fozzy and other supermarket chains) Paul Rohan. – More important is the location, range, ease of placement of goods, speed of service, price. Consumers who are interested in the "lowest price" and "biggest discount", actually not so much.Recent studies have shown that for most people, the discount cards are not so important as it was, say, 5 years ago. Many regular customers they were not there. And if the discount is not important and many don't use them, decided to offer them something else. As for the "Vlasna the account", then cancel it not going.At the same time, many buyers plaintext claim that after the abolition of discounts changed the "home" store to another, the benefit in the new arrays markets are on every corner.

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