HOLIDAY in MORTAL DANGER!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

HOLIDAY in MORTAL DANGER!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineOn the Golden beach, vacationers can go...The Spa in Balaclava in mortal danger?On the Golden beach, vacationers can go a landslide. While limited to the installation of warning signs. Some news agencies and print media scared of Crimean residents and holidaymakers statement: "In Balaklava the landslide may at any moment collapse on Golden beach". Meanwhile in the administration of Balaklava and Sebastopol MOE have not confirmed this information. - Appropriate services before the season conducted a survey of the beach and concluded that the beach can still be used, - said the head of Balaklava state administration Viktor Salnikov. Specialists assured, what to do about the collapse force is not necessary.But this clearly contradicts the information spread by mass media, where it is alleged that the condition survey of the shoreline in the area of Golden beach has revealed a real threat to the life of leisure. Supposedly, the government restricted the installation of warning signs in the zone of possible collapse of the soil, the danger of new tacks slope at the head of the landslide and landslides in the area of the beach is maintained.- Indeed, this beach has two landslide - said the head of the propaganda Department of the Sevastopol the Ministry of emergency situations Alexander Shevchenko. - To deal with this situation, a Commission was established, which included representatives of the Ministry of emergency situations. A survey of the beach and the landslide, in which it was found that blasting the landslide is meaningless, since loose the breed will not destroy it completely. Constant monitoring and change control lead "Agency for the development of the Balaklava district and Yalta party landslide.While on the beach at a distance of several tens of meters to threat of landslides has established precautionary labels: "Border beach", "Beware of the landslide area. Access is forbidden".Meanwhile, the cases where people died because of landslides, in Crimea were. So, in June of 2005 year on the beach in the Kachi caused landslide of rock and the ground layers 30 meters wide and about 60 square meters. Killing 16-year-old Russian, a resident of the Vladimir region, several people were hospitalized. Two years after the tragedy on Kachin beach state coast has not changed.

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