BENEFICIAL and beautiful to celebrate the New year! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

BENEFICIAL and beautiful to celebrate the New year! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe new year is well to note at his dacha, and if that isn't available, you can clear favourite for Finance and comfortableness...New year: beautiful and beneficialThe new year is well to note at his dacha, and if that isn't available, you can clear favourite for Finance and the comfort option: to do this now is the time — closer than 31 December, the higher will be the price. Although, according to broker Valentina, the owners who do not pass their expensive homes, closer to the new year will commence. However, this only applies to VIP offers.We tried to book the "rustic" New year, and that's what happened: now offers a lot — from economy to vip options. In the past at the same time, to remove more or less a decent the country was already problematic. Another trend is that you can successfully haggle: we only succeeded on the phone to throw one hundred and fifty.The playbookFirst of all collect the company: for two people to remove even the most modest house will be too expensive. In this case it is better to stay in suburban motels: many of them offer tiny houses for a couple and located in the territory of a country Inn. Will cost a ticket for two for the holidays at $200 without food and programs. For these pleasures will have to pay the same amount per person.To remove on the new year's holiday house in the picturesque suburb is not a problem: the ads can be found in the free newspaper or the Internet. It can be done and riding up in cottage complexes or holiday villages: the local population or the watchman always tell who is losing. Sometimes, ads and hang on poles at bus and train stations commuter trains: in the places where we go out of town.Diagram of removal is the same as in the case of the apartment: agree with the broker ($150-200 for services) or the owner (which is less common, but more profitable — cheaper and easier to bargain), see "object", give a Deposit and... waiting for the New year. To rent a cottage on one day — 31st arrival, 1 departure, and on two or three trips 2nd and 3rd respectively. The second option owners more satisfied, and therefore costs less. A Deposit is requested in the amount of 50% of the total cost. You can pay in the currency (dollars, euros) and in local currency at the exchange rate on the day of reckoning: the Deposit at the rate of today and the remainder at cost rate on the day of final settlement.What you need to includeBecause rented villas or cottages "working" (home earn them just surrender), in the mandatory set includes the minimum set of dishes (a couple of pots, a frying pan, a kettle, some knives, forks-spoons, cups and plates are the most unassuming), bed linen, depending on the number of beds, the same number of towels, warm blankets.Find out if the house additional electric radiators: in anticipation of your house will heat up, but for the New year to do it, except you, no one will, and the rooms can be cold.Having defined the country, ask your neighbors, do not isolate whether electricity: in some suburban towns is a scourge, so stock up on candles not hurt.Travelling to some country cottages: urban machine in case of rain or wet snow (which, given the weather lately, it is very likely) and got stuck. Snowplows also not: consider taking a snow drift. If very bad road, it is better to choose another country. His car mind, and the taxi driver grabbed for the beaten road is not "godly".If the property is not fenced, be warned: the New year may look not only Santa Claus and snow Maiden, but also thieves.If you are going to use the stove, fireplace or heater in the bath follow the full instructions from the owners: open the chimney, asBe sure to enclose a temporary lease agreement — it is necessary for the master and for those who rents a house. As told "Today" city attorney Michael Krulko, a lease agreement will protect owner against non-payment and guarantees the integrity of the property. The most valuable good describe: name, brand, serial number and market value, the inventory will apply to the contract. Do it once, but in the computer: the electronic version can many times be printed for subsequent tenants. I need this app and tenants: in order for the owner not heated my hands on you, write to your account dear non-existent TV.The contract should contain passport data of the owner and the tenant, the amount and procedure of calculation: it will protect against currency shocks. Notarize such a contract is not necessary — enough signatures of both parties: if necessary, this paper has a weight in court.According to the President of the Union real estate professionals Igor Odnoposoff, another problem for owners, and for "walking" can become neighbors: not every woman will like firecrackers, Bahasa all night. The owner must warn the neighbors about the neighborhood and the landlords better to ask in advance whether there would be problems in the festive night.I suggestThe party in full can by removing 2-4-storey cottage in Kyiv, Osokorky, Slavutich, Rusanovskaya gardens) or in the 20-kilometer zone around Odessa or forest beer club track. The cottage 250 sq. m area, in addition to a variety of saunas (Finnish, Russian), Jacuzzi, fireplace room will be wood-fired, not artificial fireplace, pool, Billiards, satellite TV, expensive appliances, 4 bedrooms and a garage for 3 cars, landscaped courtyard with a gazebo and barbecue facilities. In this Lodge and corporate to spend at least $1200 per day.A little smaller scale from $800 in a day implies the presence in the house is 150 sq. m. sauna, two bathrooms, 2-3 bedrooms, satellite TV, home appliances, grill and 1-2 places for car Parking. The cabins are located in the 30-kilometer zone.Sparingly to meet the 1 January for 30-50 km from the town, in a nice house of 100 sq m with heating, neat bathroom, used furniture and 1-2 bedrooms. A kebab and a portable grill to cook, but the car in the yard may not be able to deliver, but you will have to pay 150.e. a day.If without new year's extreme in any way, and in your wallet — crisis, it is possible to agree with grandma: she goes to the neighbors, and you're staying with her in the house. Or clear a house in the village with amenities in the street, a heated oven, in 70-100 km from Kiev. Rural romance — from 300 UAH. a day.To insure or not to insureTo insure his house only on New year's unprofitable. According to the Director of the Department of management products and operational anderraytinga IC "Oranta" Ludmila Purse, for short term insurance will require individual conditions. Deciding to insure a country house for 15 days (for shorter terms, typically, insurers do not have contracts of insurance of buildings) using a standard set of risks, you will count the money at an annual rate, but will take into account the unfavorable short-term insurance, increasing riskiness in the winter and festive period.If you insure the country for a year, then the insurance premium, calculated for 1 month, will be significantly lower than for short-term insurance. Therefore, it pays to insure the property for a year. The same goes for suburban property.For example, if a country house is not permanently inhabited, the people, the cost of insurance with a complete set of risks (fire, natural phenomenon, the influence of the fluid, illegal actions of third parties, hitting vehicles) will be about 500 UAH, the sum insured (indemnity in case of trouble) under such contract is 50 thousand UAH. If you want to insure a country house only minimal risk (fire, natural phenomenon), then the price of the policy will be approximately 250 UAH, the sum insured will remain the same — 50 thousand UAH.First Deputy head of the Board of IC "Tripolis" Rostislav Semeniuk believes that this type of insurance is very disadvantageous for the UK (the probability of damage), so it will only go to those companies that need money dependent loans.

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