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Pay the rent, In the state Duma a bill, according to which the courts have the right to force parents after divorce together to pay for housing minors...In Russia, the fathers have to pay for rental apartments childrenThe Russian state Duma plans to consider two bills to protect the rights of children when parents divorce. If adopted, fathers have to pay not only child support but also 25% of the cost of renting an apartment in which to live a ex-wife with a child.In the state Duma a bill, according to which the courts have the right to force parents after divorce together to pay for housing minors and incapacitated children. Under the initiative, 25% of the rent for the apartment, which the woman takes for herself and the child, is expected to contribute the father (or mother, if the baby is with his father). The obligation to pay child support is not cancelled. The second bill provides that a parent, which is the owner of the property must allow a child to live in his apartment until adulthood.Through these measures, the deputies want to help new mothers who do not own housing. For example, for renting a Studio apartment in the Khrushchev nearest suburbs now have to pay 16-24 thousand ($570-860) per month, and in the region of 3-5 thousand rubles ($150-200). For a single woman with a child is a huge amount.According to official statistics, in Russia terminated every third marriage, half of divorced families have children. Today in our country of about 4.5 million children live with one parent. Typically, this mother, only a third of them receive child support.Many experts believe this bill is obviously impracticable, as many fathers would be happy to help their children, but just can't - their incomes are low. The Executive Director of the NGO "Right of the child" Boris Altshuler said that to divide the rent between the parents is not a solution, because most Russian men as in women, no money."We need to open the stock of social housing in France. There, by law, developers are required 15-20% of the apartments to lease to the state, which, in turn, losing their divorced parents with children.

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