What is the future deposits? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

What is the future deposits? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineOn the eve of new year holidays Ukrainians have less to spend. According to GfK Ukraine, according to the results of 3 quarters...Future deposits: the main thing to protect your moneyOn the eve of new year holidays Ukrainians have less to spend. According to GfK Ukraine, according to the results of 3 quarters of the current year our compatriots acquired 2.2 million units major appliances totaling 3.9 billion UAH more than in the same period last year by 5% in physical terms and by 18% in cash.The land is cheaperAt the same time, in September 2008 compared with September 2007, sales dropped significantly by almost 13% in physical terms and 2% in cash. The reduction affected all major commodity groups. "The decline in sales of large household appliances was observed before the start of the financial crisis", – said the expert of the company GfK Ukraine Andrey Osadchiy. So, according to him, during September of last year, the large appliances were sold 7% more than in August. But in September of this year, due to the reduction of consumer loan programs, began to shrink and sales in retail stores.The higher we flew, the lower fellThe categories of goods most affected by falling demand turned out to be bestsellers. Such, according to the company Home Credit Finance (the top most popular items in 2007) include home appliances (38% of sales), audio-video equipment (17%), computers (15%) and furniture (11%). In addition, according to the Director of business development at Home Credit Finance Sergey Slunicko, in December of this year will significantly reduce the share of purchases on credit mobile phones.Faced with falling demand, retailers began to look for opportunities for flexible pricing and increase sales. Chain stores "Foxtrot", for example, began to enter the goods their private label – brand Delfa and Bravis. The network has more freedom in pricing, which retains more or less favorable offer in all product groups and in all price segments. In the autumn-winter period trading network special attention to consumers, as due to the reduction of consumer loans, financial institutions, not all were able to purchase what I had planned. "That is why we have introduced decent discounts on equipment in all stores "Foxtrot", not intentionally overstating doaction pictures," says Executive Director of the company "Foxtrot. Home appliances" Alex Pavlenko. In General, due to the crisis, retailers began to reduce their inventories in advance and start of new year promotion. Along with more active promotion and expansion of discount programs, many commodity prices have been significantly reduced.However, bankers are still not fully intend to curtail consumer lending in the new year period. Moreover, the market operators are forecasting sales growth in the segment of consumer loans in December by at least 20% -30% compared with November of the current year. This will contribute to the fact that many banks have obligations to trading networks by issuing loans. At the same time, on the Express lending outside retailers, most customers can be forgotten. Credit cards, more recently, the much-loved bankers, also will not be popular with the financiers. The only category of customers that will be able to appreciate the convenience card lending will remain the holders of salary cards.The market is ready for new depositsBanks ' main task at the end of the year will be to raise funds on deposits. According to financiers, popular is all that will prevent your money from devaluation. But such proposals will not be much above the level of inflation will be willing to overpay not many. No financial institution will be able to attract customers and a variety of promotions or prizes – the main task for customers will be saving money and not race for gifts.Most beneficial, according to the head of Department of retail business of OTP Bank Alexey Rudnev, will be short-term Deposit products in the national currency. However, because the competition on such proposals is large, the experts expect over time, the appearance on the market of new products. In particular, it can be deposits with reference interest rates to any assets other parameters. UBC, for example, launches the "Oil Deposit" interest rate which will vary depending on the dynamics of changes in oil prices. Bank on it guarantees 9% per annum in U.S. dollars. While opening a Deposit, the client chooses the strategy of a fall or growth of oil prices. In case of price change in a selected direction, the client receives 9% per annum on the Deposit and 30% from changes in oil prices. If you guess the price movement failed, the depositor will get only 9%. Opening the same two deposits (and on the rise and the fall), the customer wins in any case, as one of the strategies gets 9%, and other – 9% + 30% change in the price of oil.

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