NOT necessary to let the girls on vacation in EGYPT and GREECE!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

NOT necessary to let the girls on vacation in EGYPT and GREECE!!! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineUkrainian tourists bring from the shores of the southern seas bronze tan and Souvenirs, but sometimes not very pleasant memories. Adventurer mark...Our tourists suffer from harassment by the Turks and EgyptiansBeauty did not let go of a friend on a stepUkrainian tourists bring from the shores of the southern seas bronze tan and Souvenirs, but sometimes not very pleasant memories. Adventurer mark obsessive interest on the part of the aborigines, often turning into outright sexual harassment. Particularly close attention to the feel of a blonde woman with a curvy shape, a small dirty in the East not honored.Kharkov Olga Mamaeva fits the description of Russian beauty. On my recent trip to Turkey recalls with horror.I was going to go in Kemer with a friend, but it so happened that she could not. I had to take a tour of the defender, went with me buddy. I have traveled in Turkey, in Egypt and in Tunisia, but with such liberties never encountered. Imagine food in transparent Elevator in the hotel and the boy who carries your bags, climb up my shirt. I was confused at first, just didn't know what to do. After that, my friend almost did not leave me. Cost him at least a meter somewhere to go, I was not myself, is this hype started, " says Olga.Russian Mat will stop and most persistentAnother blond Kharkov, Anna tertyshny, during eight years of travel to the East have studied the local customs.-Aboriginal't stop nothing, harassment on every corner, " says the tourist. - Not so in Turkey, in Egypt! In Egypt the first time I flew alone with my girlfriend. Unhealthy interest felt at every step – and I'm not exaggerating.Anya so well studied behavior of hot Oriental guys that can give advice.-All depends on how you behave. In no event it is impossible to give a pretext to become impudent. Many of them understand what the line should not be crossed. But if I felt the pressure is very much active, was explained very roughly. Russian Mat understood everywhere. What to do? - shrugs a girl.Skinny brunette Yana Antonova in Turkey had no interest in his person on the part of men. More attention was paid to its... blond teenage son:-My husband and child were three years ago in Turkey. To small was constantly approached by local men and strove to Pat on the head. The market could not get through.The Turks like it when you know their languageThe head of the Department of Oriental languages at Kharkiv national pedagogical University. Pans Irina Bykova during visits to Turkey with student groups demanded that the girls modesty in clothing.-They have a completely different mentality, it is necessary to take into account. I did not allow students to walk with open backs and bellies. On the beach is another matter, but while walking through the streets I would recommend to refrain from an open outfits. In Turkey it is not accepted and causes a negative attitude. And don't forget that Eastern men are hot, and a half-naked woman they think is available. In any case it is impossible to talk aggressively, defiantly. You should never go alone without an escort, " advises orientalist.Tourist agencies in Kharkov, as it turned out, instructions on how to conduct themselves properly in Muslim countries, do not issue. Every tourist relies on intuition.It is a Muslim country so westernized that much of a difference our people do not feel, so the problems should not be. However, increased attention on the part of men still exist. In any case, all depends on the woman. If you give a reason, it will be continued, but if hard enough to explain that it is better not to approach, all questions cease, - said the Manager of a travel company Anna Volenik.In any case, women are absolutely contraindicated in solitude to explore local bazaars and streets.To establish good relations with the local population is not too difficult. The Turks love it when visitors speak their language, study their culture. Kharkiv students of the Department of Oriental languages quickly won the respect of the inhabitants of Istanbul.- As soon as I hear Turkish spoken word, immediately make a huge discount. And the owner of the store gave us a 13-volume encyclopedia, " recalls Irina Bykova.Still go!Spoiled attention Eastern men charkovchanka to the travel agents have no complaints. Managers don't recall a case that at least one traveler complained. And beauties to give up on the available tours to the pyramids and other Oriental beauties do not intend to. Anya Dmitri Tertyshny, for example, optimism does not hold.-Don't want no trouble, don't go far from the hotel itself and keep up on excursions. In the hotel no one will hurt you, they've got guards and staff. In the end, there our tourists! Their offense is not given. So travel shouldn't be afraid!By the wayThe Turks love the GermansThe higher the star-hotel, the better to rest is the staff. But the attitude of the tourists are not always the same. Kharkiv note that the most reverent attitude in Turkey toward the Germans. They are richer, give more tips and behave civilized. And our thinking are all inclusive, so tipping is not necessary. So the ratio is cooler.

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