What to do if you need a loan? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

What to do if you need a loan? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineConsumer loans became difficult, but card – not changed their conditions...Financial crisis: what to do if you need a loanConsumer loans became difficult, but card – not changed their conditions.While the global economic crisis raging through the financial markets and stock exchange, lending, as a phenomenon, has managed to transform itself from a public service into something quite problematic and not always available. And although the majority of banks continue to make loans (on how tough conditions is another topic), but financial institutions have reduced the volume of issued loans, not secured by highly liquid collateral.What do the ordinary consumer if he still need to buy a washing machine, and cash is only enough for half of the unit? Alternatively to the fore the already popular and underwent changes in rates and terms of a credit card. The fact that the process of verification of the client when issuing these loans differs from check in "awarding" a consumer loan, credit card loans are considered less risky.A card is goodSo, to the fore plastic card one of the international payment systems, which emits (releases) Ukrainian Bank and which account it places a certain amount (called the cash credit).The amount the customer and the Bank is determined by mutual consent (in this case, the Bank is guided by the salary of the borrower, the length of service in the enterprise, etc.). And then the customer becomes a "self directed" or pay with a card in the trading network, acquiring necessary (from food to major appliances), or takes the cash and spend it at their discretion.Repayment of the debt, the client also monitors itself. Although the monthly Bank keeps track of how regularly get money into the account. According to generally accepted banking practice, the amount of the monthly repayment is not restricted, but it needs to be at least 7% of the borrowed amount (part of them, for example, 4% is a return of the loan and 3% – the actual interest on the loan).In most banks for late payment penalties. Therefore, opening a credit card carefully read the contract. The cost of credit card normally ranges from $10 to $50 (there are also more expensive – it all depends on the class of the card and the Bank that it emits). But it is possible to find a variant in which a credit card can be obtained almost for free.To open a credit card is not difficult. If you have a salary card, no need to "reinvent the wheel – simply go to the Department of plastic cards of your Bank (with a copy of passport and identification code).By the way, a payroll card can also be a loan, if your application opens a credit limit. But, according to the law, it cannot exceed half your monthly salary. If a payroll card is not available, select the Bank and take care of the job reference on the income. On the card it takes about two weeks.The main thing is that the rates are the sameThe main advantage of credit cards today – condition on card loans remain the same regardless of disasters with other types of banking products. For example, as told to us in PrivatBank, the terms of their credit card "Universal" remains the same rates and not increased to 3% per month.To repay credit card too is necessary "correctly". For example, the card limit – 3000 UAH, for the year of use accumulates 20%, plus 3% for cash withdrawals. Total – 23%.To recover costs better so that on account periodically appeared a lot of money. The interest is charged only on money and, therefore, regularly replenishing the account, you are able to adjust your percentage is to minimize it.If the credit card limit for the repair is obviously not enough – the limit can be increased. For this you need to contact the Bank and write a statement to increase the limit. But we immediately note: these steps the Bank is taking only the creditworthy clients.Well, if the family used the "plastic" as a repository of the family budget – received salary, bonus, supplemental income, and all put into the account. And then, as needed, removed or paid off in supermarkets, where there is a POS-terminals.

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