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The Russians SUFFER from the Grey prefab house – as they are familiar to Russians. Reinforced concrete walls that let in any sound hot in summer and freezing through winter. Low ceilings, adjoining rooms and a bathroom, "fonyaschey" harmful radiation of the concrete. All this "heritage" is still used as...Grey prefab house – as they are familiar to Russians. Reinforced concrete walls that let in any sound hot in summer and freezing through winter. Low ceilings, adjoining rooms and a bathroom, "fonyaschey" harmful radiation of the concrete. All this "heritage" is still used as a dwelling, although the dates of his life are past us. Where such number is clearly of poor quality by modern standards the houses, and what can replace them?First of all, it should be noted that the prefabricated houses of this type derive their birth from the middle of the last century. In the post-war period gradually recovering, the country has experienced some economic growth and masses of people poured into the city. Housing was not enough, needed to increase the pace of construction. And then it's time of "Khrushchev".Nikita Khrushchev, Stalin's heir as head of the Soviet government, he undertook to solve the housing problem of many citizens of the Soviet Union. And he decided in his characteristic manner: in 1955, a decree of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers "On elimination of excesses in design and construction". This decision is largely determined, as will be build in Russia until the end of the twentieth century. In addition, the provisions of the Ordinance became part of combating the personality cult of Stalin". The result was that stated in the decree "frills" have been attributed not only Stalin arches, porticos and towers, but also "unacceptable overstated the square corridors, toilets, storerooms, and other ancillary facilities".By 1956 it was recommended to develop standard templates for low-cost housing "for each cell in Soviet society". And there was Khrushchev: brick-block (and less right – brick five-story building built in the 1950-1960-ies. Designed prefab house had no Elevator (in order to save, it was considered that the building can well do without elevators, garbage chutes, and had a combined bathroom.Such solutions helped in the short term to build a large amount of living space, successfully populated Soviet citizens. And indeed, compared with the barracks and wooden wreck, where once lived the Soviet people, "Khrushchev" was won, and very strong. In the period of "Khrushchev" boom is not built in a communal apartment, but very quickly built entire blocks of new homes, which, according to the notions of time, was the epitome albeit minimalistic, but comfortable.Later, despite the clear perceptions of comfort and manifestation in all its glory many of the shortcomings of the series, the construction of panel skorostnoe continued. Because the price of this type of construction is low, and the needs of the Soviet people can largely don't care. And there were new episodes of grey stone houses (nine and above), modified by "brezhnevkah", different from their ancestors for the better, but not by much.By the end of 80-ies of the operation of "Khrushchev" was already stopped – because they were intended as temporary housing for a short period of time. But this has not happened: there were already other times, the sly crept era of capitalism, and to think about the inhabitants of the country became even less.Once past the beginning of the 90s the government started to take the first steps to address the issue with a rapidly aging housing stock. Since 1995, we launched a program of demolition of dilapidated houses "series", which amounted to about 6 million square meters of housing capital. But the speedy implementation of the programme at the time prevented a lot of factors, so large-scale to bear and so the collapsing of the building began only in the beginning of the new century.Now the demolition of dilapidated housing stock to the government: by 2010, the capital plans to destroy all brick five-story building. A typical series of multi-storey prefabricated houses are planned to be demolished by 2020. Those houses that were in the list of "nanosimykh will be subjected to a total redesign and reconstruction – that way went at the time, European countries, who were engaged in "speed the construction of the" economical houses-boxes. Slightly longer margin of the modern residential areas - panel high-rise buildings of the modern type will still be there until reaches its term durability.To change to gray blocks come as standard houses new series of brick-monolith and "refined" prefabricated high-rise buildings that meet modern requirements of comfort, innovative and unique projects like houses-playpens" and other works of young architects.

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