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Chocolate house in Kiev meltsChocolate house on mulberry, 17 - a monument of architecture of the early XX century, built...Chocolate house is brought to the accident?Promising a year ago to find ways to allocate funds for the restoration of a monument of architecture, the city forgot about my wordsChocolate house on mulberry, 17 - a monument of architecture of the early XX century, built by architect Nikolaev, - is in poor condition.This beautiful building in neo-Renaissance style, combining in his decoration of different styles, from Moorish and Byzantine to Baroque and art Nouveau, is on the restoration since 1989. In the early years, some funds were allocated, it gave the opportunity to refurbish the rooms on the second floor.But then the funding dried up, and the staff of the Children's art gallery, which is located in the building, could only anxiously monitor the "beacons", fixing cracks, discover new traces of drips of water on the magnificent stucco work and paintings and hope that they will ever be able to bring back former splendor of the facade.And not to let the Chocolate house investors who are happy to Fund all the restoration work, but on the condition that they will be allowed to arrange their offices here.GU culture and arts reported that they would consider the possibility of resuming the restoration work. Even at the session of the city Council July 26, 2007 among deputies of land issues for taking the time to discuss the issue of allocation of funds for restoration. However, the budget of last year these funds were not provided.After 12 months, no changes in the Chocolate house has not occurred, as the funds for the restoration were reported.Chocolate house is included in the list of objects that must be set in order for Euro 2012. For restoration work, the Cabinet committed $ 20 million hryvnia, this year should reach 2.5 million And as much as we myself did not resemble, so far I have no penny," says the Director of the Children's art gallery Yuri Gavrilov.However, now claimed 20 million is hardly enough.

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