To invest abroad - PROFITABLE!You should know where...?!(photo) - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

To invest abroad - PROFITABLE!You should know where...?!(photo) - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineMoney nowhere to go. Not in the sense that too many of them, just the amounts, which usually have our fellow citizens, it is difficult to find beneficial use for a...Where to invest abroad?In this house in the center of Hurghada apartments and 25 000 dollars buying up mostly Russian.Money nowhere to go. Not in the sense that too many of them, just the amounts, which usually have our fellow citizens, it is difficult to find advantageous use.To invest in a Bank Deposit? But, unfortunately, the interest rate on deposits does not compensate even the official inflation. To invest in mutual Funds now is not any will dare - the stock market is unstable, after the rise comes the fall.Why not look for money application outside of our country? Because now many people buy property abroad and believe it is best...20 000 euros with sea viewsWith this amount, you can start to dream about foreign investments. For less money will not find anything better to dig via Bank Deposit. For this sum it is possible to find a small apartment on one of the Egyptian resorts of Hurghada, El Gouna or Safaga. And housing, as promised by the real estate company, will be located 5 minutes from the beach. And you don't have to buy tours at any time to ride the Red sea and live there as much as you like. There would be money...- Egypt welcomes foreign investment and protect investors ' rights in law, and lightening (which is important) tax burden according to the Agency Living Red Sea co. - For owners provides a standard procedure for the registration of ownership rights to real estate.However, not all so rosy. Additionally will have to pay about $ 8,000. The money will be spent on registration and notarization. Another 2 - 3% of the initial cost of housing - Agency Commission. In addition, the apartment for that amount will be Unfurnished and not in the best condition. Plus utilities...However, the real estate market is booming now. Yet in Hurghada, you can find a flat for 20 000 euros. But every year, prices are rising by 15 to 20%, and soon this tale will end.The outskirts of Berlin built these houses for two families. Pay € 50,000 and vyasji tomorrow.50 000 euros: a house in EuropeOwners of larger amounts can already threaten the European Union.In 30 - 40 thousand Euro will cost a house in Germany on the Baltic sea. One of the sentences that are full of sites of real estate companies, offered the following conditions:- Land 32 acres, though not owned, but leased for 99 years. The cabin itself is brick with a slate roof and an attic floor. There is Central heating, water and sewage. No taxes to pay, but charge a rent for the land on which it is a house, - 3244 euros per year.That's about the last point in time and breaks the dream of a holiday home abroad. All good, but to pay rent every year is costly.However, if the variant with a house on the sea seemed unprofitable, you can try to look for an apartment in a small town. Of course, an apartment in Munich and Frankfurt for € 50,000 will not buy. But housing in poorer East Germany easily. In Berlin, Leipzig, Magdeburg square meter can cost even 200 euros. Of the benefits - the annual increase in value of the apartment (money saved) and a simplified procedure for obtaining visas. Possessing real estate in Germany, you can directly at the Consulate to apply for visas for themselves and family members at any time. Of the minuses - high annual tax of 3.5% of the market value of the property.Here is a Villa near nice will cost 700,000 euros. Plus tax. Expensive. But realtors say: in a few holiday seasons will pay off.100 000 euros: Prague or niceHundred thousand euros - the psychologically important mark. Many, with this amount taken in Bank mortgage and buy an apartment in Moscow. But if the housing issue is resolved and the money should be built in, then all the best options abroad. So for this amount of housing is already not find. And here is a modest one in nice and easily. However, to invest in French real estate is expensive.- In addition to the single payment upon purchase (tax on acquisition of property, stamp duty and notary fees) real estate, comprising about 7% to 8% of its value, there are annual taxes - warn of potential clients in the Agency Justreal. In France, when it comes to apartments, you need to calculate the amount of tax not less than 2000 euros per year.If nice - a little expensive, you can try to look for a Studio apartment in the Montenegrin town of Budva. To invest in Montenegro is now fashionable, though prices are rising by leaps and bounds, but to the Moscow level is not yet reached. So hurry!In the range of 100 000 euros you can buy an apartment in Prague. In the Czech Republic, by the way, most soft law in relation to foreigners. Czech Republic is one of the few European countries that host immigrants and liberating them from high taxes. Czechs expect coming into their country, foreigners will be engaged in small business. And they are doing everything to ensure that it was favorable. So, if you want to try yourself as an entrepreneur, please. It is not necessary to live permanently in the Czech Republic. 50 - 60 thousand euros you can buy a house (not in Prague), and the remaining from our hundreds of money to buy there's also a small shop or a small beer.

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